Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Figure!

Ok- so today I don't have an artist- not that I couldn't find one (Jon Foster- go check him out). I just haven't had time all day to do any more research beyond 'go look at his amazing stuff'; but I have been working in my figure drawing sketchbook today.

I've been having trouble filling pages in my sketchbook because I take to much time on each page- a friend of mine has suggested several times that I just set a timer.  Today she said it like 15 times so I sheepishly agreed- largely because the end of the semester is rather quickly approaching and I've GOT to fill up my sketchbook.

So I did five 30 minute sketches today, and surprise surprise, putting the time limit on myself actually made me work faster... go figure... and I mean that in more than just- I had to stop when the timer went off- but I actually started putting down the shape and figure a lot faster because I had to get it done in a certain time limit.

What I learned today: If I want to get to be a better artist I need to time myself so that I am pressured to draw better and faster.  Weird huh?

Well- here they are- the 5 from today.

They appear in the order I did them- as you can see the images improved in some ways as I went farther (in others not so much...)  I also learned today (and this is something that became really obvious when I scanned them all in) I need to measure the head better- granted I wasn't going for strict realism... but my heads are still WAY To big for the bodies.  SO that'll be something I'll work on tomorrow.  

'night all


  1. Your figure drawing is that of a fashion artist. beautiful :)

    Saying hi from A to Z challenge!

  2. They look pretty good! I'm doing the same thing with book covers. It's tough, but it's a good challenge! Keep it up!

  3. I like the dancing ones the best.

  4. Oh my goodness! You drew those? They are amazing! I especially love the last three. You truly are talented!