Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G is for Scott Gustafson

I would imagine that many of you out there have seen Scott Gustafson's art- weather or not you know you have is another thing.
He is an illustrator of mostly children's books- and his work is AMAZING (I say that a lot I think... oh well- it is always true)

Why I like him:
He has an ability of bringing the strange and absurd to life using a style that in incredibly realistic and beautifully rendered.  I'm not going to go through on anything more technical than that- but I will link some of my favorite pieces of his:

*note- this should be obvious- but just in case- the following images are not ones I have painted- but I would love to be that good some day

Again- I just love the worlds he has created- they seem so.... well real; it is like I could visit them somehow.

No personal sketch today (time).


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