Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for Heath Heil and Heather Michelle Owens

No sketch of mine today (again; sorry I've been super busy...) however I decided to go ahead and talk about 2 of my friends today.

Heather Michelle Owens and Heith Heil, both of their names start with H and they are both amazing artists.  They also both go to school with me although they are MUCH farther along in the program than I am (as in I believe they are both graduating this semester, if not right now definitely next semester).

I didn't ask them if I could do this before hand- but I doubt they'd mind the plug for their blogs.

Ok so first Heather.

I met her when I first came back to school a few years back and I was completely intimidated by her; she was just so stinking good.  Then I had an class with her where we actually said more than 3 words to each other and I stopped being as shy and got to know her.  I am still blown away by her artistic ability but we became friends and I'm so happy for it.

She has the cutest style- here are a few that I pulled from her blog that I really like:

Go check out her blog (I've linked it 3 times now- so you should be able to find it) and follow her! You will not regret it :D

Now for Heath.

Heath is another person that is absolutely great to get along with- but also kind of intimidates me with his ability.  GO figure- he draws ALL THE TIME.  (this is the key to getting really really really good if you didn't know)

He does mostly comic book type work- and I'm constantly looking at his portfolio on his blog for good examples of AMAZING line work.  

Here are a few he has on his blog that I really like:

These aren't even his best pieces- I just like these a lot for whatever reason.  So go visit his blog as well- check out the rest of his work- you will not be sorry for doing so.


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