Thursday, April 10, 2014

J is for Justin Gerard

So I had a hard time deciding on who to use today there are SEVERAL amazing artists whose first or last names begin with J.  After looking through a lot of art work I decided to focus on Justin Gerard.

Once again another artist that makes my draw drop when I look through his work.  Out of all the artists I follow he is the one I would really like to draw like the most.  He does a lot of epic fantasy (again; much of it is Tolkien centered) but it all has an element of 'adorable' to it.

If you want to see more of his work:
Quick Hide Here <old blog that he is no longer using- however has a lot of great stuff on it
Gallery Gerard <new blog/website that he shares with Anne Stegg (his wife I believe... not sure though- it's a new site that was founded back in November)

SO without much more comment; here are some of my favorite pieces he's done:

All of it is just amazing.  Today instead of drawing original characters with his style or doing an 'inspired by' sketch- I actually went to his website and tried to duplicate 2 of his sketches that he has on there:

I'm just showing mine- a side by side comparison shows how many mistakes I made... that and I forgot to save the pictures I was working from and do not want to look them up again.


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