Tuesday, April 15, 2014

M is for Mel Milton

This is an artist one of my professors introduced me to.  His work that is- not him personally (I wish!) I thought he'd be a good one for M since he has the letter twice! :D

So the basic question: why am I sharing him?

I friend-ed (evidently that is not a real word) Mel Milton on facebook after my professor told our class to.  I've not regretted it- he posts a sketch a day plus the reference he used- it has been absolutely inspiring!!

I love the variety of style he uses- while each sketch he puts up is most definitely done by the same person they each have a unique look and feel to them depending on the style that he is using.  So if you just want to see some good art- go check him out at his blog  Mel Made.
Like I did for the letter 'L' I'm again posting his professional work across from my attempts at mimicking it and then finally my original sketch with my reference.

I have such a long way to go- but it was still fun to try to copy his style.

This one was hard as a pencil sketch as I couldn't get the darks dark enough

This one doesn't look quite right because I opened up the reference he used and was working from both his original source and his sketch

My attempt with what I learned drawing his work

It is frustrating to me how much more my mistakes stick out in the scanned version of my sketch than they did when I was putting it into the scanner.  Part of the problem is I have a bad scanner- but the other part is that I'm not quite where I want to be yet artistically. 

Well that is that for tonight


  1. the more I look at that last picture I drew the more I want to re-draw it... maybe I'll do that tomorrow.