Thursday, April 17, 2014

O if for Oliver Tszeng and Isaac Orloff

Both Isaac Orloff and Oliver Tszeng work in visual development- which is the field I ultimately want to end up in.  (which kinda lets me do anything from character design for movies or video games to illustrating books, though people with the skill set tend to work mostly in film)

One of my final pieces for one of my classes is a visual development piece- so it was nice to look up these artists and see how others do things.

No personal sketch tonight- I'm still fighting with my scanner.  *Hopefully* I'll be able to start posting my own stuff again tomorrow with the professional stuff.

Anyway- here is the art.  (not going to go into a lot of detail tonight- just a quick 'check it out')

Issac Orloff

He does character design as well- but what caught my eye the most was his building and room design.

 He has more on his blog- so go check it out.  I love the little graphics he has on there showing his process and reference.


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