Friday, April 18, 2014

P is for Petar Meseldzija

Another realistic fantasy painter! Petar Meseldzija is; as I've said often on this blog- amazing.  If you go through his work on his website you'll see he's been involved in a variety of projects- spot illustration for Diablo 3 (a game by Blizzard Entertainment) comic books, and also a lot of fine art pieces ranging from portraits to landscapes and anything you can think of in between.

All of it is incredible and just delightful to look at.  When it comes to people I'd like to paint like- he pretty much tops the list.  He uses color and value so effectively that the characters seem to come to live within his paintings.  I might be 'fan-girling' a bit here- but it's hard not to.

Here are some of his pieces that I love especially from his website:

I did some studies in my sketchbook but haven't done an inspired by sketch for him yet- I'll put that up if I am able to get to it later.


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  1. Oh thank you for sharing this! I wasn't familiar with Petar Meseldzija's art, but clearly I should have been!!