Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for Paul O Zelinsky

I found Paul Zelinsky recently and accidentally- my kids and I were checking books out of the library and grabbed a Rapunzel book off the shelf.   I'm not sure how we ended up with it- my kids are young (4 and nearly 2) so sometimes books are just grabbed off the shelf and I don't see where they came from and the child doesn't necessarily know why they grabbed it...


So we read the book and I found that while the art had kind of a primitive feel to it (which is to say that it didn't feel like the artist had any academic training) I still enjoyed it- so I looked at the cover and found my artist for Z!  Now I've looked through more of his art in order to make this post- and have found that Zelinsky is very very good at stylizing- what initially looked a bit primitive- was intentionally done.  I like most of his older illustrations better than his newer ones- I'm not really a fan of a lot of the poorly done art that you will see in children's books these days- and much of his newer stuff seems to be within that style.

anyway- here are some of my favorites:

This first one has a few images from the Rapunzel book that we checked out:

the next two are from some of the other books he's illustrated

And with that I made it to the end of the A to Z challenge!!


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