Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Alicia- where have you been??

Ok- so at the beginning of this month I set out a bunch of goals.  Then a week later I modified all of them.  'Cause I sat down and figured out the amount of time I wanted to spend on everything I need to do this summer; then I added all those times together and compared that number to the actually amount of hours I have this summer... AND- well; I'd need 3 summers to accomplish everything.  So yea.


I've been away from blogging for a week- and I was going to have all of these awesome sketches and stuff that I'd be showing off to all of you.

I don't have any.

Not to say I haven't been sketching- but the bulk of my time has been spent on another project.

Remember when I mentioned we 'crash moved' back in November? Well- we've been trying to get the house livable; and as I've mentioned before I've made great progress unpacking our apartment overall.  Except for 2 rooms.  My office and the living room.  Below are the 'before' pictures.

my office- view from my desk to the hall

view from the door to my desk

from my drafting table to the window
Didn't take a picture of my drafting table- but it was just as bad as the rest- and then; the living room...

view from the kitchen into the living room

view from hall into the living room- standing on tippy toes so you can see into the room

the main entrance to the living room (from the hallway)
Scary huh?  I assure you the mass of boxes isn't this bad anymore- I have the office unpacked and just need to put everything away on shelves (currently everything is organized into those cute cloth cubes- but I'm not sure where everything is going yet).  The living room is still nearly as bad; but should un-pack and put away fairly quickly once I finish my office.  My hope is to have most of this done by tomorrow night.

I also am going to try to get my website going by the 31st- which gives me 4 days to finish all of this.  I want to start June off with everything put away and life functioning in some semblance of order.  Then I can focus on Art stuff, Family and weight-loss (so I can have more energy for art!).

So that has been my consuming project this month.  My only consolation in taking this month to do this is that we are not moving for another 2 years.  So I have some time before I have to pack it up and start over again (we've crashed moved like 8 times in the past 6 years- 4 of those were during our first year of marriage. :P)

Anyway- Not art related today- but there you have it; that is what I've been up to.


Also- quick apology to anyone who follows me on google+ you're pretty much going to get the same post twice from my other blog.  They normally don't overlap much- but have a lot this month for whatever reason.

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