Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Summer Goals!

I'm FINALLY getting to this.  Before I jump into the goals I have *most* of my home unpacked and
organized- my adjusted goal for the timeline of being completely unpacked is May 31- so I'm going to do a little bit of organizing and unpacking every day until I get it done.  'Cause- I've got a lot of other things to do, overall though our little apartment feels pretty pleasant.  Just need to finish unpacking 'the lost city' of boxes that occupies most of our living room...  we just ignore that room right now.

As of today I have 102 days until school starts again- which sounds like a lot until I start to break down what I need to get done between now and then.  I've got two fairly large projects coming up this next year- both of which occur during the beginning of fall and spring semester.  Thing #1- happens September 4-6; I'm going to be participating in the artists alley at the Salt Lake Comic Con.  Honestly I'm kinda terrified- this will be the first time I will be displaying my art work publicly and will be attempting to sell some.  It is not a 100% for sure thing; I still need to reserve a table at the Con- BUT I'm going to be doing my best to get stuff together for it.  More on that later.  Thing #2 is getting together my portfolio to officially apply for the BFA-Illustration program at my school.  That isn't due until February 2015; which may appear like a lot of time- but once Fall semester starts I'm going to have precious little time to work exclusively on it- since I'll be working like crazy on stuff that is due in class (which I can put in my portfolio).  On top of all of that I have a lot of personal improvement drawing-wise that I need to make.

So- my goals for Summer 2014
not my drawing-
but I thought it was appropriate

#1- Spend at least 500 250 hours drawing and improving my drawing.  (that sounds like a lot; but it only amounts to about 5 2.5 hours a day of drawing- and since this is supposed to be my job; that is a pretty good work day!)
#2- Produce 1 5x7 painting per day (ok- so that bumps me up to an additional 2-3 hours a day at least)
#3- Create 1-2 large (minimum size 12x18) finished paintings per week.

All in all it probably amounts to about 10 7.5 hours of art work a day- plus taking care of my kids, plus taking care of my house, plus taking care of myself.  The goals are steep- and I've tried to make big goals like this in the past but have had a lot of real life get in the way.  For the first time since my husband and I have gotten married I actually feel stable, which is to say I don't think our landlord is going to sell our home out from under us again (this has happened to us 3 times now; I think we're cursed!) or any of the other big issues we've had in the past.  So I feel like I might actually be able to achieve most of my goals.

I hope so anyway.

For accountability I'm going to be posting at least one drawing/painting a day to this blog starting on Friday the 16th Monday the 19th.  If I get lazy and all I do produce this summer is that one drawing or painting each day- well that'll be at least 100 drawings closer to being amazing.

Well; that is all I have to post today.  I've got to dive in and get started on all of these goals if I'm going to complete them.

So see ya this Friday!

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