Saturday, September 6, 2014


I couldn't come up with a post title- so that little emote will have to suffice.  It is now the end of the second week of Fall Semester- and already this has been one of the most stressful semester ever.  I don't even know where to begin.  Until yesterday I had no idea what my schedule would be- crazy things kept happening.  I had a few classes drop.  One class I walked into and after sitting through the whole class realized I was NOT where I needed to be artistically to do well in that class- so I had to drop it- then came the fun of trying to find a class to replace it.  Which I have.  I have a VERY full schedule right now- 15 credits.  Of course adding on my cute kids, the portfolio that I *HAVE* to finish this semester and the fact that I really do want to do Salt Lake Comic Con in April (though that is a lower priority at the moment- but it sure would be nice if I could fit it in) and of course keeping our living space in some form of repair.  Oh yea- and I do want to exercise.... The fact is I am BUSY.  However- I'm pacing out my time and so far I'm ok.  Hopefully that continues to be the case.

So one of my courses is Digital Painting 1- I've never painted digitally.  It's a very new thing for me.  This:
Is my first ever attempt.  Honestly I had a lot of fun doing it- more fun then I thought I would painting digitally.  It is clearly not a finished piece- though that is the level of finish I got it to to turn it in.  The more I look at it the more I see wrong with it, but it was a start in a new medium.

Anyway- I'm going to update this blog at least once a week.  I'm going to attempt to do sketch dailies and upload them to my social media accounts; also I'm going to try to be more active on instagram and twitter specifically this semester.  I hope to have links to my social media accounts on this blog soon.


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