Friday, March 20, 2015

First Application for BFA

The last several weeks have been an absolute blur- I've been so grateful that I decided to only take the 6 credits.  Getting ready to apply for the BFA program has been very stressful...

Currently my office looks like this:

Yes- it is that crammed full of paintings, sketchbooks and other odds and ends- my chair is in the middle of that ocean as a loan island I can swivel around on. 

I had a really hard time narrowing it down to 20 pieces- at the same time I had a hard time finding 20 pieces that I felt could really be considered 'portfolio quality'.  Below are my selections.

It being the final hour I now have a few that I would like to swap out- but I am also completely out of time.  SO the drawings and paintings above are what I am turning in.

We'll see how I do- I should know in a few weeks if I make it or not.  I honestly don't anticipating getting in this time.  There are so many applying and most of them are absolutely AMAZING artists, and I know that the number of applicants getting into the BFA program will be less than the amount applying. 

In anycase- I'll have an application in- worst case I don't make it this time and I have the summer to work on paintings and drawings and I can try again in the fall! :D


Monday, March 16, 2015

Checking in

I have a second google+ account:

I mention this because I will be moving my art blog off of the account it is currently on and over to the new account within the next week or two.

There are a couple of reasons I'm doing this.

#1- I get spammy.  I run multiple blogs and I know that they'll show up in my followers feeds- sometimes without them subscribing to them; and not every wants to know everything that I post...

#2- my brain really really likes organization and categories- so art with art, family with family.

There are some other reasons; but I'm rather exhausted while writing this post... so they aren't coming to mind.  Really nothing should change- the blogger address and the content will remain the same- just my google profile will be different.

In other news- my portfolio to apply for the BFA program is due this Friday- and I'm super stressed... I cannot wait until I have it turned in and I can be done with the whole thing.