Saturday, April 4, 2015

D is for Dragonfly

I'm trying to stick to insects and creepy-crawlies for this challenge.   That in itself is proving to be a challenge.  (bwa ha ha ha)  I was lucky enough to find this little dragonfly poem on I was happy they had the Chinese as well as the English.  I'm hoping my computer didn't change any of the characters and make it offensive... but from what I can tell the characters copied over just fine.
HOPEFULLY I can find a poem for 'E' that will fit.  (Besides eency winsey spider :P)


  1. Wow, that's some dedication.. Looking forward to other creepy insect posts :)

  2. Inspiring theme for the challenge. I love the images and poems.

  3. This is cool. All of these poems and accompanying artwork are yours?

    1. the artwork is mine- so far the poems are either traditional poems that I like or are by poets from the 1800s-ish. Though I'm running out of insect poems pretty quickly... So I might have to start penning a few of my own rhymes lol