Sunday, April 26, 2015

Holy Cow... this week...

Ok I'm so so so behind in the A to Z thing.  I shall get caught up though.

  • So I had a week of super prep for finals; that put me pretty far behind.
  • Then when I was going to catch up I lost my iPad.  (it was crushed to death :'( )
  • Then my home was filled with sewer water.  
  • I've spent the last 2 days cleaning.
  • I'll spend tomorrow cleaning after I get done with finals.
  • It's been fun.


  • I'm starting summer vacation with a clean house.
  • I was smart in my preparations ahead and I'm ready for finals tomorrow
I'm so very ready for summer vacation.  

I'm working on scheduling out my goals and whatnot; I have a lot to do AND a lot I want to do.  So I'm looking forward to Tuesday- when I'll actually have some time to sit down and write out all of my goals.  At the very least I look forward to the break.

'Nyway- I'm exhausted- so I'm signing off for the night. :D


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