Friday, April 24, 2015

Oh is for oh bother..... or: A to Z Catch-up, Finals and my poor iPad...

A to Z crowd if you don't want to read the rest of the details about my life: I know I'm behind.  I'm going to spend much of today catching up.

Now if you want to know what's up...

Today has been a WEIRD day.

In some ways it has been a kind of awful day.

cue the bell toll used in CSI

1:48 AM- My apartment:

Got up to help a sick kid in the bathroom.  He'd gotten sick all over themselves so I had to help him take a shower (we don't have a bathtub in our apartment; just a shower) He's only 5 and was half asleep so this was kind of a fun moment.  I'm standing there trying to talk him through washing himself... In the end he ended up clean and dressed in clean pj's and then went to bed.  I went back to sleep.

8:30 AM- My Apartment

Woke up to my daughter chattering about *something*.  Let her climb in bed next to me to watch 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates' on my phone... tried to get some more sleep.

9:45 AM- My Apartment

Spent some time working on my final project for my Figure Drawing class and also getting other digital pieces ready to print.

11:45 AM- Copy Center at the University

With 2 kids in tow (my son in a super whiny mood 'cause I tore him away from video games) I get my art printed.  YAY- already for finals next week :D

After this I proceeded to run some errands around town which led me to:

12:45 PM- Storage Unit

Stopped to talk to the manager about rent for this next month- we're emptying out the storage unit so I'd like to use our last months rent for this next month... They weren't in.  So I drove to our unit to do a little work (since I was there) handed my son my ipad so he'd be entertained.  My daughter had a notebook and pencil and was just as happy as could be. 
I finished up what I was there to do- closed the unit- fought with the lock for about 10 minutes while my son complained about his legs, feet, arms, how heavy the iPad was.  etc.
Finally closed the unit- took iPad from son; Set it on the top of the car while I strapped my daughter in while my son continued to complain about life.
The left for the next errand.

1:30 PM- arrived at self service copy center in town

After navigating through graduation traffic from one of the 2 major Universities in town (hint; not mine) I got to the next store.  Grabbed the paper that I bought for making sketchbooks and stuck it in my bag.  Then realized there was no iPad in my bag.  Searched car...
 Re strapped in kids and headed back up to the storage unit.

2:15 PM- Storage Unit

Found iPad in the middle of the street face down with at least 2 different tire tread pattens on it. 

Now one thing you have to understand.  My iPad is not just some cosmetic cute device that I keep around. I use it ALL OF THE TIME it is my life.  I use it constantly for my drawing and sketching.  It is the encyclopedia of my reference, my notes from different workshops.... honestly I use it for EVERYTHING and it went with me everywhere.

SO to have this happen is devistating.

The silver lining... It still turns on and seems to function just fine.  It is *just* the touch screen that broke. 

Though you can see in the picture there is a slight bend under the little square button on the case; that bend could mean the difference between the iPad being repairable and being a lost cause. 

I'm broke and frustrated. 

I've been doing research on kits I can buy to fix it myself as well as trying to get a hold of various repairmen in the valley to get quotes on the cost.  So far it isn't good.  The one guy who has gotten back to me told me it could be in a range of $100-$220.  I didn't have the model number for him right then so I wasn't able to get an exact quote.  SO I'm going to have to call him back tomorrow for a better quote. 

It isn't looking good though. 

2:30 PM- Wendy's

Finally got lunch for me and my kids.  I'm a little in shock the entire time and we probably looked pretty odd from an outsider- mom looking like she's about to cry and the 3 year old and the 5 year old eating quietly.

4:00 PM- Home

cooked pizza for husband and then got on the computer to type this out.

SO for Finals: I'm pretty much done- literally only have 1 sketchbook page left to do.

For A to Z- I'm going to spending this evening on catching up on that. 

Finally; for my iPad. 

I don't even know.  The fact is it is probably not repairable because of the dumb little bend in the case.  (the metal case not the removable red case; 'cause who cares about that lol)  If that is the situation then I really don't know.  We're really really broke right now- so a part of me wonders if crowd funding is an option.  If I do try to fund raise using crowd funding or selling art or a combination of the 2; I don't know if I should get another iPad or try to raise enough to get a Cintiq tablet.   (not that one specifically but something like that) In this one weird case the iPad would be the less expensive choice.  But the other one is more designed for artists...

I'm feeling a bit deflated.

The only good news in my story here is that we happen to have a iPad mini that my husband's work got him one christmas that we've pretty much only used for kid stuff. SO I can just take over that and I'll have something to use while I figure out what to do with my big iPad.

That is life.

Fun stuff huh?

Well I'm off to sketch and sketch and sketch. 


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