Tuesday, April 21, 2015

r is for roach

I've been incredibly busy working on projects for finals; which has led me to be behind in this challenge.  (that and I got hung up on the letter 'o' hard to find an insect for that letter)  I will catch up.  But probably not until this weekend... Most of my finals are due Wednesday- even though my actual finals are not until next Monday.  SO depending on the reviews/critiques I get on Wednesday; I could very well be finished this week.  However I've never known a professor to NOT have things to say about my art in regards to how to improve it.  But the bulk of it will be done tomorrow; so I should be able to catch up.

So following my example on 'M is for Moth' I selected a poem for today.  I honestly cringe a little bit that I'm committing myself to draw a roach (ew!) but this poem made me laugh a bit; so I think it will be worth it :)

Nursery Rhymes for the Tender-Hearted
Christopher Morley
(Dedicated to Don Marquis)

Scuttle, scuttle, little roach—
How you run when I approach:
Up above the pantry shelf,
Hastening to secrete yourself.
Most adventurous of vermin,
How I wish I could determine
How you spend your hours of ease,
Perhaps reclining on the cheese.
Cook has gone, and all is dark—
Then the kitchen is your park:
In the garbage heap that she leaves
Do you browse among the tea leaves?
How delightful to suspect
All the places you have trekked:
Does your long antenna whisk its
Gentle tip across the biscuits?
Do you linger, little soul,
Drowsing in our sugar bowl?
Or, abandonment most utter,
Shake a shimmy on the butter?
Do you chant your simple tunes
Swimming in the baby’s prunes?
Then, when dawn comes, do you slink
Homeward to the kitchen sink?
Timid roach, why be so shy?
We are brothers, you and I.
In the midnight, like yourself,
I explore the pantry shelf!
See you later!


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