Sunday, June 7, 2015

Edrine and her bat

I've named the girl but not the bat....

Anyway- this is largely a repeat for anyone who has seen my facebook page.  But I'm going to repeat.

I've been focusing on digital painting lately.  That is going to change this week 'cause I totally lost my stylus.  I'm sure it'll show up... but I don't know where it is at the moment.

This is what I've been working on (in progression from rough sketch to current place)
her skirt has changed a bit since this drawing

changed the position of the bat to give the drawing more depth
quickly added highlights and shadows- cleaned it up a little after this
this is as far as I got with the color (well the walls are painted as well; but I didn't have that layer turned on when I grabbed this) before I lost my stylus.  I set it down and it rolled... somewhere.  I don't know I was off helping my son with a kindergarten work book. 
 I'm filming my painting- well most of it sometimes I forget to turn on the camera... and some of it just got lost when my computer crashed... while recording :P  But i'll put together a video of it.  I've noticed that I do a TON of redundant things when painting- that has been the positive of the videos.  I need to make a lot more decisions ahead of time- it would WAY cut down on my painting time.

Go figure- my professors were right when they told me that. :P

Night world

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