Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bee drawing drama

So my last post detailed a bit about my computer drama. 

It continued until today.  It seems to be working and I was finally able to process the stupid  video today.  YAY.

So here is my silly video:

I could vent forever about my frustrations in fixing my computer- complain about the fact that my office is more computer parts than art at the moment.  But honestly; I'm just really glad it finally worked.

More art and videos soon.  I've been absent because of a combination of fixing my computer and trying to put away all of the stuff we recently got out of our storage unit (long story short- we had a storage unit when we moved into this apartment, decided it wasn't worth the money and I've been sorting and getting rid of stuff... it's been a lot of work)

So yea- I shall be better about posting art stuff :D


As Soon as I find my desk...

Seriously impossible to take a picture that really does the amount of stuff on it justice... oh well...




  1. Your art videos are brilliant, Alicia! So, how is your computer doing now? I hope that it was fixed soon after, and I'm sure that your desk looks much better now. It's really tough to move in a new place, especially when you have computers which are complicated to assemble again. Well, I hope to see more of your art videos soon! Have a great day! :)

    Donald Steadman @ Office PCS

    1. THANK YOU!! Sorry for only just now getting to your comment; I neglected this blog pretty much all of August.
      My computer appears to be functioning well now- though my husband and I are thinking we might need to replace the processor. Luckily we happen to have a spare; so when I get around to it I can pop a new one in :D
      I've pretty much found my desks as well as the floors in our home; and none to soon! I just started school.
      Hopefully I'll start making videos again now that things are more or less settled :D
      thanks for stopping by!