Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Sketch Dump #1

This is a very short blog post; because I haven't written one for a little while, and the last one I wrote was art-adjacent at best. 

I hope to catch some time tomorrow and do a review of my summer goals/catch up of life.

But for now- you'll get my nightly sketches.  Since the 28th of July I've been trying to post a sketch a day.  (with the exception of one day where my internet was completely out) So here they are for the last week.

I'm going to try to make a habit of posting my sketches for the week each Sunday- if not all of them at least the highlights :)

I was playing with stylization- which means that I exaggerated, changed age, in some cases modified the pose and in general took liberties with the photo that I found. 

Reference used: Pinterest

Could not find reference that I used- but it was
from pinterest...

Reference used: Pinterest

Reference used: Pinterest
I was WAY stylizing here- but I want to go back
and redraw this and be more true to the original
photo.  It is just such a stunning photo.

I drew this one without reference-
I think she is my 'default' girl- as I swear I've drawn her before.