Saturday, October 3, 2015

Oh the insanity!!

So my life has been a giant ball of crazy pretty much since my last blog post.  I'm dealing with a lot of stress right now.  I mean a LOT.  Some of it is good; some of it is bad.  My classes are pretty intense; I'm taking 4 and they are all studio classes; for you non art majors this means that I'm on campus 2 full days a week and have about 30 hours of homework for each class.  I'm surviving though... more or less.

Today I had a rather big panic attack.  It lasted most of the day unfortunately.  I sat down to work on homework and it just crashed on me; basic stuff like:
'how can I pay for this semester?'
'I'm a terrible artist'
'I'm so far behind!'
'I'm never going to make it!'

basically this meme sums it up: just replace 'writer' with 'artist' and story with 'drawing'

It sums up my panic attack pretty well. 

So yea; I couldn't get much done at all.

LUCKILY my ArtSnacks box arrived in the mail.  So I played with that and it made me feel better.  Of course now I'm feeling better and warmed up to draw and it is 11:30pm...

So I'll draw for an hour and then go to bed I guess.  That means Saturday and Sunday will be INSANE homework and client work days.  (oh I didn't mention; a lot of my 'homework' right now is client work as well... that makes it both awesome and totally intimidating)

I made a youtube video of me unboxing the ArtSnacks and then drawing a picture with it.

I don't have my etsy store set up; but if you like the picture and want to purchase the original I'll be selling it framed for $40.  I scanned it so I can make a few prints (if it is popular) and I'm going to be selling those for $15 each (for an 8x10). 

That is pretty much it.  NIGHT!!

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