Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A to Z challenge update

MAN I'm AWESOME at this.

Ok; so I've actually been drawing *nearly* every day for this challenge, but I do the initial sketch in a non-photo blue pencil.  Like the name suggests... it doesn't show up very well by itself.  So I have a few unfinished sketches that need to be inked. 

I now have most of my computer desk set up in my office, and I have space on the desk to draw. So that'll help me get on task.


will also help me stay on task.  One of my greatest difficulties in getting anything done is I don't have a great place for the baby while I work.  Today I came up with the idea of using her highchair on my desk, so she can play and be close by while I draw.  We'll see how it works but I'm optimistic! (it's a corner desk, so that gives me more space than a normal desk, I was going to use the spot she's in for something else, but honestly giving up the space is OK if it means I can draw) 

Oh and don't freak out about the screen, it's been moved since this picture... lol

I'm going to play catch up this week, so probably two posts a day for a little while, but I'll post date the old ones and link them to the proper letters on the main a to z blog/fb page


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